Checking fixtures

Measuring and testing devices are essential to ensure the quality of your products. We offer checking fixtures designed according to customer requirements for individual and serial inspections. The range of supplies starts from mechanical gauges to fully automated electric and pneumatic measuring devices or camera inspection systems. For small series, we produce hand fixtures with manual clamping, which guarantee ergonomic operation. For larger series, we offer automated devices that can be equipped with laser or optical sensors to increase accuracy. Automated processes of measurement and testing speed up production while maintaining or improving quality.

We offer fixtures for example for:

  • sheet metal stamping
  • sheet metal weldments
  • plastic pressed parts
  • thread continuity check

Thanks to many years of experience in the design of fixtures and technical sophistication in production and assembly, you will receive finished product from us as a complete service of the highest quality.

We realize projects on a turnkey basis and we are able to provide the following services:
  • project management
  • detail planning
  • process simulation
  • design
  • manufacturing and assembly
  • 3D control
  • installation at the customer
  • commissioning of the device
  • staff training

All our products are designed and assembled in our facilities based in Czech republic and Slovakia.

Checking fixtures