Production lines

Automated production and assembly lines speed up the production process and reduce error rate. We offer a complete solution with regard to customer requirements. Our offer starts from simple production cells to complete production lines. We offer a possibility of integrating Bin picking technology.

Robotic cells

Use of industrial robots to automate production is the most economical way to increase productivity while providing a high degree of reliability and flexibility. We offer robotic work cells designed according to customer requirements. For most of applications we use robots from FANUC, ABB and KUKA.

Welding fixtures

We offer welding fixtures for various welding technologies together with their integration into the welding cell. The range of supplies starts from fixtures with manual clamping to fully automated fixtures for robotic welding.

Single purpose machines

Depending on the products, materials used and individual operations, single-purpose or special machines can help increase the quality of production, its performance and thus overall profitability. For many years, our company has also been designing efficient single-purpose machines for customers in various industries.

Laser cutting fixtures

We supply fixtures for 3D laser cutting together with their integration into the machine. We also offer partial or full automation of 3D laser cutting machines using one or more robots.