Single purpose, special and testing machines

We produce single purpose, testing and special machines designed according to customer requirements for various manufacturing technologies such as:

  • arc welding (such as MIG/MAG/TIG)
  • resistance and laser welding
  • material handling
  • assembly
  • palletizing
  • glue application / gluing
  • riveting
  • machining
  • painting
  • testing
  • pressing
  • screwing, drilling
  • bending
  • cutting
  • marking
  • feeding

Single purpose and special machines

Depending on the products, materials used and individual operations, single-purpose or special machines can help increase the quality of production, its performance and thus overall profitability. For many years, our company has also been designing efficient single-purpose machines for customers in various industries.

We realize projects on a turnkey basis and we are able to provide the following services:
  • project management
  • detail planning
  • process simulation
  • design
  • manufacturing and assembly
  • 3D control
  • PLC and robot programming
  • installation at the customer
  • commissioning of the device
  • staff training

Testing machines

Testing machines can help achieve product inspection much faster and with greater accuracy. We develop either simple or complex testing machines for various tasks, such as tests of the functionality of the seating structure or their durability. Our testing machines speed up your company’s manufacturing processes, which helps lead to long-term efficiency.

All our products are designed and assembled in our facilities based in Czech republic and Slovakia.

Single purpose machines