Automated production lines

Automated production and assembly lines speed up the production process and reduce error rate. We offer complete solutions with regard to customer requirements for partially or fully automated production processes. Our offer starts from simple production cells to complete production lines.

We supply production lines for various technologies, such as:

  • arc welding (such as MIG/MAG/TIG)
  • resistance and laser welding
  • material handling
  • assembly
  • robotic palletizing
  • glue application / gluing
  • riveting
  • machining
  • painting
  • testing
  • pressing
  • screwing, drilling
  • bending
  • cutting
  • marking
  • feeding

The system requirements are tailored to the specific item to be manufactured. Thanks to the combination of robotic, conveyor and other systems, several complicated work operations can be performed quickly and reliably.

For our products we use robots from the world’s leading manufacturers, most often from FANUCABBKUKA, but also others.

More complex applications that require repeated part feeding can be effectively automated using machine vision and innovative Bin picking technology. We are able to integrate this technology into existing assembly systems and thus automate the previous manual workplace.

We realize projects on a turnkey basis and we are able to provide the following services:
  • project management
  • detail planning
  • process simulation
  • design
  • manufacturing and assembly
  • 3D control
  • PLC and robot programming
  • installation at the customer
  • commissioning of the device
  • staff training

All our products are designed and assembled in our facilities based in Czech republic and Slovakia.

Production lines